Lightroom CC or GTFO

In late 2013, Lightroom 5 was $149, I paid ~$80 for Edu pricing.

Lightroom 6 will probably have similar Edu pricing (but I’ll be damned if I could find out how to buy it anywhere).

This time around, for Lightroom 6, I elected for a year of Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers, which includes Lr Cloud shenanigans for photos and Adobe Photoshop for $9/month. “You fool! You’re renting software!” says the dweeb in the corner with his Vic 20 and Mac LC III, “You should buy the software and own it!” but at this price point and the fact that I will either certainly upgrade to Lightroom 7 or switch to something else entirely, I’d be a fool not to leverage the Creative Cloud Photography tier and you probably would be too.

PS Flash still sucks.



Apr 1 21:35:43 anustart[1] (com.github.GitHub.ShipIt[94953]): Service exited with abnormal code: 1
Apr 1 21:35:43 anustart[1] (com.github.GitHub.ShipIt): Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 2 seconds.

Nice timeout before relaunch, GitHub. Just endlessly launch your crashing launchd job, that’s not completely stupid and obnoxious.

❯ gzcat /var/log/system.log*gz | grep com.github.GitHub.ShipIt | grep Service\ exited\ with\ abnormal\ code | wc -l

Huh. 73,627 crashes of your stupid launchd job.

In three days.


Octocat’s gonna need a new name, on account of I’m mercilessly beating the mutant mascot to death with one of those tentacles right now!


Fantastical 2 for Mac (Beautiful Pixels Review)

I love Fantastical for iOS and the new Fantastical 2 for OS X somewhat ironically manages to gracefully bring the small-screen experience of Fantastical to OS X terms. Calendar and Reminders on OS X are not weak spots compared to others (Contacts, for example), but yet I quickly fell in love with Fantastical in under 60 minutes before buying it in the App Store.

Beautiful Pixels has a good write-up that covers some of finer points of Fantastical especially the language processing that makes creating appointments so much easier:

Fantastical’s biggest feature in its iOS and Mac apps has been its Natural Language Parser (NLP) that lets you create new entries using common language. This has been greatly improved in this release, letting you enter strings like, “Remind me to Pay the Credit Card Bill on the 4th saturday of every month” and Fantastical 2 will know exactly what you want to be scheduled. There’s better support for iCloud reminders as well in this release, as Fantastical 2 lets you view your events and reminders together in a single list.

Fantastical 2 for Mac – Beautiful Pixels.



Create, edit and (optionally) display a journal article, entirely in GitHub.

In contrast to the more traditional process of submit > peer review > publish at PeerJ, or even the less formal preprints at PeerJ Preprints or arXiv, Paper Now is an experiment to see where the future may go with scholarly communication. Initially, it may be that co-authors collaborate either privately or publicly on GitHub and then proceed to submitting to PeerJ or other journals for formal peer-review or preprinting. Or perhaps this is where the traditional medium of publication begins to diverge. There is no end goal other than to see what the academic community wants, which is why this is completely open to fork, extend, and build upon.

via PeerJ/paper-now.


The Shut-In Economy

That’s the other side of this, the gender one. The errands being served up by the on-demand economy — cooking, cleaning, laundry, groceries, runs to the post office — all were all once, and in many places still are, the jobs of stay-at-home mothers. Even now, when women outnumber men in the formal workplace, they continue to bear the brunt of that invisible domestic work, often for many, many hours a week. So women — those who can afford it, at least — have the most to win from passing that load on to somebody else.

via The Shut-In Economy.