Etsy Idea

Me: I wonder if we could sell little jars of Male Tears on Etsy.
Liz: Can you cry that much?
Me: Oh, yeah.

iTerm 3 Test Builds & Shell Integration

They had me at:

When shell integration is enabled, iTerm2 automatically adds a mark at each command prompt. Marks are indicated visually by a small blue triangle in the left margin.

You can navigate marks with Cmd-Shift-Up and Down-arrow keys.

I started running the test builds of iTerm 3 last week and overall I love it and haven’t had any stability issues that I can recall because of using it (though since I use tmux most of the time it wouldn’t exactly be a big deal if I did.)

I was a little wary of the idea of shell integration with iTerm 3 but I read about the features this brings and went ahead and started kicking the tires. Automatic profile switching, the ability to right-click a filename on a remote host and scp a copy of it locally, not to mention easily paging my way through exiting jobs has been a really useful enhancement to an already great piece of software. It’s funny how something like a terminal window can actually improve over time.

(Don’t sweat the fact that the documentation mentions to curl the script down and then pipe it to bash for the integration glue; download the script and look it over and you’ll see it figures out you’re using a superior shell like zsh and correctly appends the appropriate source directive for you upon execution. Obviously you shouldn’t blindly be curl | execing yourself to failure so you’d be checking that script yourself anyway, right?

9/9 Apple Event, The Need it got it need it need it want it need it got it list

  • Apple TV — Goddamned right I’m getting this and you should too. Finally fixes everything I didn’t like about Apple TV and then does one better. I’ve been looking at the nVidia Shield entertainment and gaming platform and I’d much rather use this instead. Plus, you know there will finally be a proper Plex app for Apple TV so that’s shut-up-and-take-my-money territory.
  • iPad Pro — Solid DO WANT rating but only in 128GB flavor. Would negate my use of a laptop entirely since RemoteApp, Citrix, and VNC let me use all the workstations remotely. It’s too cramped on the Mini. Possible compromise of new iPad Air, but the Pro is just so great it’s hard to not look hard at it. Most of my photo editing will likely still live in Lightroom because I love my presets and work with them so easily. Can still do so because I use OSCTouch to transform my iPad into a MIDI controller that can operate Lightroom sliders and then I use Astropad as a touch surface for brushing to my desktop, so the synergy is very much there anyway. And now with a display of that size I could get most of Lightroom 6 into my hands on the iPad via Astropad? Hellooooooooooh?
  • Apple Watch — I still want one, mainly for monitoring and passive health tracking because I know that’s the only way I’ll track my wellness effectively. I feel like a lot of the integrations are somewhat gimmicky but that is never a barrier to me wanting something.
  • iPhone 6something — I like my phone a lot. I bought a bigger storage iPhone 6 and so I’m not annoyed by it right now. Not yet.